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Dr. Fred Blum

Transformational Coach Energy Rich Living
Work 2324 E. Cesar Chavez Austin TX 78620 Cell Phone: (516) 581-8742


An undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic would be enough to qualify Dr. Fred Blum to speak about the mind/body connection, stress and healing. Add to that mixture over 25 years of study with some of the world’s greatest innovators in healing, wellness and spirituality, 30+ years in the martial arts, a stint in a comedy troupe off-Broadway and a genuine interest in learning and helping people and you have an individual who brings a unique perspective toward reducing stress, integrating body, mind and spirit and supporting individuals and organizations to create sustainable change.

Dr. Blum also presents new perspectives on stress and its effects on our bodies and minds.

“Most people are suffering from the physical or mental effects of what I call Chronic Stress Overload but don’t know what to do about it. These people are sick or in pain…they’re suffering from anxiety or depression…and they’re spending money on so-called ‘health care’ that doesn’t address the real cause of their problems”.

Chronic Stress Overload is especially common among high achievers…individuals who have worked hard to achieve a high level of success in one area of life, but are noticing that what it took to get them to this level may actually be detracting from the health, freedom, clarity and creative flow that they may have experienced before.

“It’s no secret that individuals today are pulled in many directions. More information may only contribute to their stress level. In 25 years of researching and speaking on this subject, I’ve uncovered what I believe to be the essence of how we can literally transform the stresses of our lives into health, vitality and power. “I don’t want people to leave my presentations with more information,” he says. “I want them to leave inspired and armed with the tools to make simple, yet powerful changes in their lives.”

These days, Dr. Fred calls himself a transformational coach. As the developer of the 5 Problems. 4 Solutions.  system, he coaches motivated individuals and organizations to discover where they have lost alignment. Alignment is always about the integration of head and heart and is required to create true sustainable change.

Dr. Fred may be reached at or (516) 581-8742

Specialties: Stress Resolution & Transformation, Personal Development, Individual or Organizational Values Clarification, BioEnergetic Testing, Subtle Patterns of Communication, Energetic Self-Awareness as a Practical Tool in Daily Life, Deep Inner Work