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Jessica Gomez

Optimal Health Practitioner Take Shape For Life
Cell Phone: 210-391-7235 Website: I choose Optimal Health


I help individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight loss issues, gain health using Nutrition, Education, and a Community of Support! After struggling for two years to lose twenty pounds by what I thought was eating healthy food and exercising vigorously twice a day, only to be left with no results.  I was becoming depressed, felt zero energy, had body aches and pain, and hid from taking pictures with my family.  It was until my health coach introduced me to this program, that I was able to lose the weight, drop four dress sizes, and best of all gain energy! It was the Education and Support of the program that has made me Knowledgeable and allowed me to go from Surviving to Thriving! In the famous words of the late and great Mr. James Brown, “I FEEL GOOD!”