You Are Invited

Networking lunchJoin us for lunch every Thursday  from 11:30–1:00.  Click on the Meetup button to the right to RSVP.

Iron Cactus Restaurant
10001 Stonelake Blvd
Austin, Texas 78759  map


11:30am – 12:00pm Open networking
12:00pm – 12:05pm Welcome and introductory announcements
12:05pm – 12:20pm 30-second introductions, as lunch is served
12:20pm – 12:40pm Table discussion while we eat lunch
12:40pm – 12:50pm “Press Conference” – a member is selected at random to answer questions about his/her business
12:50pm – 1:00pm Thank yous and announcements
1:00pm – 1:30pm Open networking

Informal Networking

We are an informal networking group: this means that the membership requirements are very minimal, and we don’t require or expect referrals to or from anybody. Simply by getting to know each other, people will want to refer business to you.


Poof!Our membership requirements are simple: come three times in three months, and poof! You’re a member. Membership benefits include:

  • Being listed in the Members section of this website (coming soon)
  • An invitation to join the LinkedIn, Facebook, and Meetup groups
  • The opportunity to be selected as our featured member for a Press Conference

Membership is not limited by profession, or anything else for that matter. As long as you don’t consistently violate either of the two “Don’ts” listed below, you’re welcome to keep coming back as long as you want.

Dos and Don’ts

Here’s how to make the most out of your NBX attendance:

  • Do order lunch. Iron Cactus gives us the room for free, and just $12 covers food, drink, tax, and tip.
  • Do schedule one-on-one meetings with the people you meet. This is the best way to get to know them, and it’s the best way to give and get referrals.
  • Do get to know your competitors. Most of our members will tell you that competitors have given them some of their best referrals.
  • Don’t bad-mouth your competitors. This is one of the only ways to get yourself booed and asked not to come back. Tell us about what makes you great.

Don’t sell to the room. NBX is meant as a source for referrals, not as a direct source for customers. For network marketers, our policy is that you promote the product the company sells, and not use this group to try to “grow your team.”